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Home Window Repair

A broken home window can be an unexpected pain in the... well broken window pane.

It is important to know what type of window you have especially since the Texas code changes in

1994 and 2002. Call me Jonathan (Yes, The Owner) or my talented wife Ashley (Also, The Owner) so

we can get the correct glass for your home... 

Safety Glass is provided at our cost (laminated or tempered)
Safety glass must be applied where it is required by county or city ordinance

Ask about our patterned glass -

Double-Insulated Window Repair 

Double Insulated, or dual pane glass, is a window which has two layers of glass with a trapped layer of air between. This method of window insulation has been effective since the early eighties and is still the standard today. Most all houses built after 1984 have double insulated glass. If you have ever bought a soft drink you know that styrofoam keeps your drink insulated longer than plastic.This is because of the trapped air bubbles in the foam. Double insulated glass has the same concept.The trapped air keeps the temperature on both sides of the glass from equilibriating. 

Failed or Fogged Window.  (Failed Thermo-Seal)

This is what it looks like when a double-insulated glass seal fails or fogs. Although this is a more serious case, once you see water or condensation between the glass the seal has been compromised. What has occured here is that the barrier of air, which is much like a cooler or styrofoam cup and was once insulating the window,has been interrupted by a void or leak in the seal causing a foggy appearance, which reduces the insulation factor anywhere from 48 to 86% depending on your window, down to less than 25%. That reults from two to over three times the energy loss. 
                                                    Replace it and it pays for itself.

 Window Replacement - Vinyl or Aluminum

Our vinyl windows our from the premium Don Young Window Company located locally here in Dallas. These windows come from the factory special ordered to fit your window setting complete with Cardinal 366 double-strength glass and tilt-sash bottom locks and a sound reduction rate of .41
These windows have a remarkable .03cfm/pf air infiltration rate which accounts for 50% of the air loss in your home. We also have premium builder grade windows and more affordable windows to make that rental look great and save your tenant some electrical costs. We also carry flood resistant windows ,so no matter what window best suits your needs, we have one for you!

Performance value on these windows are
U- Factor- 0.29
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient- .21
Visible Transmittance- .038

Basically, these numbers translate to a 95% UV/UA interference 29% heat blockage and a visible light interference of 30%. This window with argon insulates at just below 86%. You'll certainly notice the difference. My Mother always told me shop around - But don't forget to come see us last...

We install General Aluminum, Ply-Gem to match existing windows and Don Young aluminum and vinyl windows that meet Texas regulation and AAMA on energy efficiency and are Energy Star in all 50 states . Lifetime warranty included on all vinyl and aluminum windows include parts and labor.  Your old window aluminum is donated to St. Jude Children's Research.

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